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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Government Jobs: The Benefits You Didn't Know About

Government Jobs: The Benefits You Didn't Know About


If you’re considering applying to work at the local, state, or federal level, you probably have one question foremost in your mind: What do government jobs pay? While there are many considerations to weigh when determining how much you’ll make working for your country or state, the truth is that government jobs offer far more than just a paycheck. In fact, some of the benefits of government jobs go beyond any salary amount you could hope to earn in the private sector. When deciding whether to pursue government employment, think about these seven benefits of government jobs that most people don’t know about.

- Paid Vacation

Federal government employees receive 12 paid vacation days a year, compared to just 10 in some state and local governments. They also get 13 holidays off (as opposed to 10 for many other workers). These are valuable benefits that can help employees stay refreshed and prevent burnout. But there's a catch. Because federal workers get so much time off, they're expected to work an average of 41 hours a week—compared with 38 or fewer in many private-sector jobs. And like all Americans, they don't get paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours in any given week. Still, those extra three weeks of vacation each year and more days off around Thanksgiving make it worthwhile for many federal workers.

- Health Insurance

All jobs with government agencies come with some form of health insurance as a benefit, whether it’s Blue Cross or Kaiser Permanente. For example, if you work for any branch of local government (cities, townships, counties), your health insurance is provided through what's called calPERS. Employees pay into calPERS in a similar way to Social Security and once they’ve worked in California state or local governments for one year, they can enroll in their own medical plan. In addition to medical benefits, all employees enrolled in calPERS are eligible for dental coverage. CalPERS offers dependent health care to spouses and partners of employees who've been married within 60 days prior to enrollment and domestic partners who have proof of a long-term commitment.

- Retirement Planning

Uncle Sam will kick in money for your retirement. And it's not a bad deal. In fact, if you're under 50 years old and make less than $32,000 per year (for 2015), you'll get 100% of your contributions from Uncle Sam. If you make more than that, but less than $176,000 per year (in 2015), you'll get a matching contribution up to 3% of your salary. If you earn more than that, then it drops to 1%. Either way, as long as you're contributing at least 6% of your salary each year to a 401(k) or similar plan (like a 403(b) or 457(b)), then Uncle Sam will contribute too.

- Flexible Schedule & Telecommuting Opportunities

There are two different schedules available for federal employees—standard and alternative. A standard schedule requires federal employees to work Monday through Friday from 8-5 with paid lunch breaks, while an alternative schedule allows federal employees to set their own hours with approval. Both schedules allow for some flex time and telecommuting opportunities. Telecommuting is common in government jobs—more than half of all workers are allowed to work from home at least one day per week! This flexibility can make balancing a family or personal life much easier on employees.

- Training Opportunities

One of your first benefits as a government employee will be training opportunities that can lead to career advancement. At each level, you'll have access to extensive training programs through various public service institutions, ranging from entry-level programs for beginners to advanced training and credentialing in specialized professions. Training is often subsidized by federal and state governments. Some localities also provide benefits such as tuition reimbursement.

- Travel Opportunities

Not all government jobs require relocation, but many do. Government jobs are perfect for people who want to see a bit of their country or even go abroad. In a private sector job, you would have to plan and save for years before going on vacation or a business trip. In a government job, you get travel opportunities right off of your bat. These benefits are especially great if you're planning to change careers; most employers expect employees with more than 10 years' experience in an industry to relocate if they're offered a new position within that industry. If you're thinking about switching careers into government work, don't worry - there's no guarantee that your first application will result in an offer, but it might be worth putting together a few applications just in case! - Flexible Work Hours: Most government workers get paid overtime for extra hours worked. This makes working long hours not only possible, but often required! Many people choose to take advantage of these flexible work hours by working second jobs or freelance gigs during evenings and weekends. Others use them as time to spend with family, pursue hobbies, and so on. It really depends on what works best for you! Some positions may also offer telecommuting options which can make life easier if you need to care for children or other family members while working full-time (or part-time).

- Access to Exclusive Events

Government employees and their families enjoy access to exclusive events that are typically only open to government employees. These events often include pre-event parties, social gatherings during downtime at conferences, and even unique performance venues such as government auditoriums or theaters. While they might not be work related, these benefits do help foster an office environment with a sense of shared values and camaraderie that helps boost morale in an office setting. But most importantly, who doesn't love free food? And when you're trying to recruit top talent for your company, there's no better way than letting them sample some catered snacks while sitting on comfortable couches in an art gallery (I'm sure I don't have to tell you what happened at our last recruitment event). When it comes down to it, no matter what industry you're in - having your staff happy and excited about working for your company is crucial. With that said, providing perks like these can go a long way towards making your employees feel more valued and helping them bond with one another. It can also help foster positive relationships between your company and its clients by showing them just how much you care about providing excellent service through every aspect of your business model.

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